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Travel Hub is an innovative project for the tourism business, we have combined a lot of travel services in one area: travel-related events, tour operator services, travel books, accessories and souvenirs.

We unite creative, successful and promising people, who love to travel and find out new things about the world. And, by the way, you can buy air tickets, insurance, package tours, hotels and apartments, get a visa support, get a transfer or an individual tour. All in one place!

Travel Hub is an innovative project in the tourism business, launched in Ukraine. In 2017, Travel Hub united various tourist services in one place – at cozy space on the Podil in Kyiv city. It brought together travel industry professionals, travelers, organizers of author’s tours, speakers, writers and travel enthusiasts into one community. In order to inspire new journeys and make them possible. In 2023, we opened our co-working space on Shota Rustaveli Street.

A tour operator works in the Travel Hub -coworking space, thematic meetings and conferences are held, unusual excursions and trips with a special meaning are offered.

Our services

Travel Hub – the project that united all travel services in one place: co-working, tour operator services, events. In 2022, we opened Turkey to you as a country of medical tourism. As a country that can solve many problems thanks to the latest clinics and professional doctors. We continue to plan exclusive author's trips with meaning and, as always, are ready to help in the organization of vacations in any country. In the hub, you can always buy airline tickets, insurance, package tours, book hotels and apartments; get visa support, order transfers or creation of individual tour.

Medical tourism

Medical tourism – we offer an assistance with organizing a trip abroad for treatment or cosmetic needs. Turkey is one of the most popular destinations. Moreover, our experienced team is ready to open this country for you and solve many problems, due to close cooperation with the modern clinics and professional doctors. A customer-oriented support line and many years of experience in the field of tourism give us confidence that you, as a customer, will remain satisfied.


with us is profitable, safe and with the smallest details, which thought out to the end. Our professional team will select the best country and location for your vacation and organize a tour, regardless of which country you currently live in. All locations with a high-class level of service and time-tested. Interesting offers at any time of the year and options that meet the client’s request – with children, for a couple, for one person or a group tour for the appropriate budget and date. 

Thanks to us, you save time, and we organize decent vacations.

Author tours

Author tours – Author tours are a new incredibly popular travel format dedicated to a certain topic or country. Here you have the opportunity to explore interesting places that are not written about in guidebooks, learn authentic cuisine or immerse yourself in an interesting topic together with like-minded people, gain new experience in a certain field. Author tours are an exciting mix of new experiences, recreation and learning about the culture, traditions, entrepreneurship or heritage of one or more countries. These are trips with unsurpassed taste.


Travel Hub is a space for people who are passionate about their work, a community of creative people, intellectuals who have come together to share ideas, create innovations and work in an environment of leadership

190 м2 Workspace | 2 Private Offices | 2 Meeting Rooms | 145 м2 Lounge | Hospitality Bar | 2 Skype-rooms

Top offers for recreation

Чому саме ми?

We invent and create only such trips that we would love to go ourselves

We have a plenty of certified partners who provide services with a high quality.
We choose interesting and unusual topics and trips with sence.

Our team has 24 years of experience in tourism.
We will show you sightseeings that you can’t see on your own on every our trip.

Write to us and we will help you find what you are looking for